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The heart of cattle country

‘The Condamine Bells’ and the duet, ‘The Banks of the Condamine’, are two of the great Australian poems. Condamine itself is the birthplace of the Condamine Bell, used by graziers and especially drovers throughout this land. The bell was hung from the necks of working bullocks, ensuring stockmen could locate their roaming cattle from long distances. Relics of the past stand in the well presented historical Condamine Bell Park and you can learn more of this history when you stop to read the inscription of both the town and the bell on its sides.

The town's history

Condamine is a 4 hour drive from Brisbane perched on the banks of the Condamine River. Originally, the river crossing was a logical stopover point for bullock teams and travellers heading for places like Longreach and Roma. The settlement grew from this and farming was established in the region.


The first European to pass through the district was the explorer Allan Cunningham who crossed the river in 1827 and named it after the aide-de-camp to Governor Darling whose surname was De la Condamine.

Condamine today has a large population of young people thanks to the employment opportunities afforded by the local feedlots and contract work in agriculture. 

If you're visiting during rugby season be sure to get to the Fish Tank, Condamine's rugby home ground, and cheer on our beloved Cods. More on the Condamine Cods here

Approximately seven kilometres South of Condamine is the attractive Caliguel Lagoon. Caliguel being the name of an early pastoral run in the area.


A favourite location for locals and visitors, Caliguel Lagoon is the perfect place to enjoy waterskiing, boating, swimming, fishing and bird watching. Caliguel Lagoon offers a peaceful setting for overnight camping and for visitors to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the lagoon and surrounding area.


The facilities have recently been upgraded and the area now boasts 2 new shelters with picnic tables, a lovely camp kitchen with tables, electric BBQ plates and sink, including the provision of a rainwater tank for kitchen. Campsites offer 8 powered sites and new street lighting. Plus a great playground area for the kids and new plants complete the enhancement of this magical area.

Visit Caliguel Lagoon

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