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At the intersection of the Leichhardt Highway and the Condamine River, are some events not to be missed. Country hospitality at its finest.

From the fun and action of our iconic Campdraft to the bringing together of our surrounding communities in neighbouring township of Miles for the Back to the Bush festival - Condamine is worth a visit!


Condamine Bell

This iconic event kick starts the Triple Crown Campdrafts with action to follow at
Chinchilla and Warwick.  

The Condamine Bell open draft brings riders from all parts of Australia and is a great day out with family and friends.


The Condamine Cods Rugby Club was founded in 1999 and now boasts three teams and a bevy of loyal supporters who are the envy of the Darling Downs rugby competition.

Everyone is welcome to experience the unique atmosphere of country rugby at our local ground, the 'Fish Tank' from March to September.


Joi ​Join us in Miles to celebrate everything we love above living in the bush! 

The biennial Back to the Bush Festival dates back to the 1950s, and is a fabulous four day weekend of country rock, markets, tractors, the Bush Beard competition and the Tough Bugger contest.

Cods Rugby

Back to the
Bush Festival

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